Thrift Stores: Worth It?

A thrift store is a type of social enterprise that mainly sells used or second-hand items that usually costs less. This is very popular most especially if you are one of those people who are frugal. A more widespread term for shopping in thrift stores used in the United States is “thrifting”. If you’re like me, I like “thrifting”. I think it is the most morally responsible method to shop since it makes the most of your money. It’s a fun and responsible way of buying anything you need for your wardrobe or home. But is it really worth it? Are the things we buy worth the price it’s sold? Or are we just buying things that are old and crappy?

Let’s start with the things that make “thrifting” a worth-it experience:

They’re cheaper.

Oh, don’t you just love bargains? It’s obviously our reason why we go to thrift stores. If you’re lucky enough, you may even be able to shop some designer products for over half the price! You might even be surprised to find yourself quality things if you just dig through the racks.

Environmental impact

Every time we buy second-hand items, we are contributing to recycling possible waste products that are harmful to the environment. Clothes for example, when manufactured, include a lot of toxic gases as byproducts. By buying second-hand clothes, we lessen the production of new clothes, thus, lessening pollution caused by clothing factories. This is why the very idea of a thrift store is eco-friendly.

Diverse choices

When you choose to wear designer clothes, most of the times, you get the tendency to run into other people also wearing the same outfit. Buying clothes at a thrift shop ensures diversity of options when it comes to clothing designs and colors. This means it is very unlikely for you to find another person in the street wearing the same clothes as yours. Thrift stores also change their selection from time to time.


Thrift stores have a great collection of mementos that will definitely bring you back a lot of fond memories.

You can teach your kids a good spending habit

Your children will most likely follow what they see in you, than what they hear from you. And this goes with money management as well. Every time you shop with your children in thrift stores, it is as if you are teaching them to buy good things with lesser price; that they can actually find good quality products while being able to save some money.

With all the benefits we get from “thrifting”, what could possibly make it a total dump?

Yes, it actually is a great way to save money, but it is also scary. Since these are all second hand items, you may be purchasing things that are unsafe or are potentially dangerous. Hand-me-down swimsuits and underwear can pose sanitation risks and can have bacteria growing that are not easily killed by ordinary detergent.

Remember that thrifting is a unique and enjoyable experience. It is a great way to make the most of your money while still being able to buy everything you need. But being safe-conscious is just as important as being frugal.

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